PamFax Subscriptions

Overview of monthly rates and features of our different plans
Use PamFax via…
Monthly fee(1)
Prices per page starting at... (zone 1)
Sent fax storage duration
Ads on sent or received faxes
Cloud backup (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box)
Company Manager (manage groups of users)
Unlimited fax reception
Selectable fax number (where available)
Create and upload your own cover pages
Access default cover pages
Access via
PamFax API
Fax Address Book (incl. upload options)
Download all faxes and journal reports as PDF
Free Outlook Add-On (send easily from Outlook 2007-2013)
Secured SSL encrypted communication
Notifications via PamFax-Bot to Telegram, Facebook Chat, Skype Chat and/or E-Mail & SMS
Microsoft Office 2003-2013 integration
Send multiple documents at once
Send to multiple recipients at once

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(1)Price/month for 1-year-subscriptions, 3-month-subscriptions with slightly higher monthly price.

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