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PamFax Downloads

Download applications and add-ons

All our applications are free to download and install. All you need is a free PamFax account.

If you do not yet have an account you can create a free account here.

Install the free PamFax application and benefit from a much easier access to the PamFax services. On Microsoft Windows you will additionally benefit from scanner support, print to fax, Microsoft Office 2007-2013 integration, a special add-on to fax directly from Outlook and more.

  • Windows
    Windows XP/Vista/7/8.x/10
  • salesforce
    Requires a valid Salesforce account with enabled AppExchange
  • Facebook
    Requires an active Facebook account
  • Windows 8
    Windows 8 Modern App
  • Mac OSX
    Mac OSX
  • PamFax for Android™
  • PamFax for Android™
  • PamFax for iPhone™ and iPad™
  • Blackberry
    PamFax for Blackberry®
  • Windows Phone