Free PamFax API

The PamFax API is completely free for developers. Deploy fax services easily and at no cost


The PamFax Developer Program has been created with a simple vision in mind: We wanted to make it possible for developers to add PamFax features to their existing soft-, hardware or web based applications.

We’ve accomplished this goal by creating a simple to use developer framework which in turn makes it easy to create mash-ups with PamFax.

The API is standard HTTPS XML (or JSON) and the same API is also used by all of our own applications – benefit from all PamFax functions!

What can I build?

Send and receive faxes – All functions you see in the PamFax applications can be added to your solution. This means sending and receiving faxes, error management, bulk sending and much more.

Build your own user portal – Just like the PamFax Portal the PamFax API will also provide you with access to all the portal functions. You will be able to provide full control to your users.

Improve the attractiveness of your solution – The PamFax API is an ideal instrument to add fax functionality to increase the attractiveness of your solution. Examples are integration in CRM systems, support for fax sending in document management solutions and more. With the added PamFax functionality your solution will provide increased efficiency for your customers.

  • Integrate fax sending and receiving into your application’s workflow.

  • Provide users with the fax history and allow for PDF download of faxes.

  • Manage users of your PamFax account.

  • Control which users have access to individual folders.

Sign up for free API access

Getting started is really easy – access and usage of the API is free for you and your customers. Only fax sending has a cost, fax receiving is also free. Click “Sign up now” below, fill in the form with and we’ll send you your login credentials and access to the full documentation for the API right away.