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PamFax add-ons

Use free add-ons to get more from PamFax

Microsoft Office integration for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
PamFax for Windows provides an add-on for Word, Excel and PowerPoint allowing you to fax documents, worksheets, presentations, diagrams and projects directly from Microsoft Office. Simply open the file and click on “Send fax” in the toolbar, then you enter the recipient’s credentials and you are ready to go!

PamFax for Windows includes a free Outlook add-on which allows you to send faxes directly from Outlook as well. You can select to send the email text, text and attachment or only the attachment. Installing the PamFax for Windows Desktop application will automatically install the Outlook add-on if you have Outlook installed.

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VMware Zimbra integration
PamFax for Windows also comes with a Zimlet for Zimbra Desktop. This add-on works the same way as the Outlook add-on. Very easy to fax emails and/or attachments directly from Zimbra Desktop using the fax numbers from your contact list. Installing the PamFax for Windows Desktop application will automatically install the Zimbra add-on if you have Zimbra Desktop installed.

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Salesforce integration
If you are using Salesforce we have a PamFax application which you can use to access PamFax from Salesforce directly. Access your PamFax history and send faxes to any of your contacts in Salesforce with one click.

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PamFax Company Manager
If you are using PamFax in a company environment we provide the free PamFax Company Manager. This is a service which allows you to centrally manage your PamFax user groups. E.g. you can purchase PamFax Credit and then allocate PamFax credit for your employees (even automated when your employees credit is running low). You can also give your employees access to the fax in-box in addition to access to transactional data and invoices.

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Facebook integration
If you are using Facebook regularly, you should really install the free PamFax application for Facebook. It allows you to easily send faxes and access your history and in-box directly from Facebook.

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