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Internet-fax service

It’s too easy to send and get faxes with us

  • 3 pages GRATUITES après l’inscription
  • PAS de minimum d’achat mensuel
  • Un numéro de fax GRATUIT

Comment envoyer un fax:

  • 1Inscrivez-vous gratuitement
  • 2Créez et envoyez un fax
  • 3Téléchargez des applications PamFax
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Pourquoi PamFax ?

Because it is the easiest way to fax worldwide at attractive rates, it has innovative document processing system and many other advantages

Facilement utilisable

You only need to sign up, upload your document, enter number and click Send to send you fax

Coût à la page attractif

Our page cost starts from  $0.10 and can be even lower in case of large amount of fax traffic

Worldwide coverage

There are 236 countries in our availablity list, including satellite, service and mobile numbers

PamFax est disponible sur plusieurs plateformes:

Mac OS X