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PamFax for Microsoft Windows

Send faxes at attractive rates and receive free!

There is

  • NO hardware
  • NO minimum monthly purchase
  • NO advertising
  • NO hidden cost
  • NO monthly cost to send faxes

This is a short overview of key PamFax features. The program itself has many more features. Best is to sign up and explore yourself!
New joiners get three free pages to test PamFax.

Selecting files

PamFax offers an easy way to select the files you want to send as fax.
A lot of file types are supported (like *.doc, *.xls, …). PamFax even supports Microsoft Office 2007 document formats.

You can choose multiple files (even mixed file types) for one fax. All files are merged into one fax.

If a supported scanner (Windows WIA or Twain) was found, you can also directly scan files which are then added to the fax.
Add files to your fax

Windows Integration

PamFax perfectly integrates into Windows and Microsoft Office (2003 and 2007). In Windows Explorer, you can fax any supported document from the context menu of the file.

A PamFax toolbar button is added to Microsoft Office to directly fax the current document from Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel (2003/2007).


Entering recipients

You may send faxes to one or multiple recipients.
You can easily choose from the last 10 recipients.

Entering recipients' number

Multiple recipients

Even sending to a list of recipients is very easy with PamFax: just copy and paste any list of recipients into the multiple-recipients-list of PamFax.

Enter multiple recipients

Selecting a cover page

PamFax can add a cover page to your fax containing sender, recipient and other data.

If you choose to add a cover page, you may enter a message, too. Even sending only a cover page with a message is possible.

Selecting a cover page

Setting up notifications

PamFax will notify you about the fax sending progress.
You may choose from various options like Skype Chat, SMS and/or E-Mail.

fax progress notifications
Notifications via Skype chat, E-Mail or SMS are available


You easily pay for each fax with your PamFax Credit in advance so that you don’t have to go through the order process when you want to send a fax.
You send your fax with just a few clicks if you have enough PamFax Credit.

To save money you can buy PamFax pre-paid packs, which give you more PamFax Credit than you pay. For example, if you buy the 100 Euro Credit Pack, you will get 115 Euro added to your PamFax Credit immediately after you purchased.

This lets you send up to 1.222 fax pages to recipients in zone 1 (see rates page).

You can also subscribe to the PamFax Professional Plan which gives you a discount on page prices for faxes you send and also includes a personal fax number to receive faxes. Receiving faxes is free: there is no charge per page for incoming faxes.


All faxes are listed in your personal PamFax Portal. In the Portal, you can see the status of the fax and you can also open the fax from there. All faxes are stored for 30 days by default, but can also be deleted from the Portal.

The Portal also allows you to send a new fax, resend a fax, buy PamFax Credit and open/manage them with the PamFax Company Manager.

The PamFax portal


PamFax is available in many different languages.

PamFax takes the language of your Skype or your current location’s language automatically.
You can also choose the time zone and language you want the software to be in (Portal -> Settings -> Localization).

Most currencies are supported. You can set the default currency in the PamFax Portal.